Monday, July 11, 2011

#25 Panties in the Snow

"Dad, I'm losing all my panties!" not the type of statement a father likes to hear from his teenage daughter. "I think the dryer is eating them," creating a disturbing image of household machine monsters coming to life.

The panties continued to disappear during the long Alaskan winter and the mystery of the missing panties remained unsolved until a warm sunny day. The April sun  finally began to melt the top layer of the deep snow. A sunny morning view from the back window displayed a bright array of color spread  the across the entire back yard.

Our little dog,  stealthily working hard to earn the nickname, "The Pantie Bandit" had carried the panties out the dog door and created a pallet of color in the snow.  Proud trophies.

Being unable to fit through the dog door was not the only reason  preventing  daughter from  getting her wearable yard art. A great deal of snow had fallen that winter and the snow depth must have been near 4 feet. The warmer temperatures made the snow soft enough that a person could not walk on it without punching through and sinking up to or past the waist. Only something say the size of a little dog could traverse the white mounds.

After a bit we came up with the idea of using the extension ladder like a long snowshoe. Extended out over the soft snow it dispersed the weight enough for daughter to walk across the wrings and slowly retrieve her belongings.

If you live in a climate that fills your landscape seasonally with the color white and you tire of the monochromatic view you might want give this a try.  If spread around in a random artistic pattern, a teenage girl's panties can really decorate a snow filled back yard. So, no matter what your teenager says, I can promise you, it really does brighten up the yard.

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